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Achieve Your Life Goals

We deliver multi-faceted, expert advising, specially crafted for you and your life goals.

Wealth Management made to protect and grow your future.

Our clients need the ability to dream and reset financial objectives as their family grows and matures.

You face a host of changes throughout your life. From paying for your child’s tuition to suddenly inheriting a large sum of money to financial planning for retirement. Investment markets can be volatile and shake your confidence about achieving your family’s financial goals. That is where our plan is again thoroughly examined and reaffirmed to be resilient, designed to keep your family out of the investment market fray, but instead properly and strategically invested. We provide a strategic and tactical direction for your resources and needs. It is this strategic direction and our discipline of continuously analyzing the impact of family changes and the external environment that gives you the fortitude and comfort you desire.

Our unique approach

At Wescott, our attentive approach to comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services helps ensure that your wealth is secured and grown. It is always our goal to build a strong relationship that allows us to feel the compelling need driving your investment objectives.

Investing can be challenging. It can be confusing. Yet at Wescott, our clients appreciate our simple approach to embrace a collaborative, respectful relationship built on trust. This is our hallmark. And it is reflected in our Wealth Management Program, which is a strategic, ongoing process tailored to your needs and goals amid constantly changing market conditions.

Every client experiences our unique style.

When a new or existing client arrives at Wescott, he or she receives the same personalized approach—whether financial planning analysis and consulting; ongoing financial plan updates; ongoing consultations regarding financial and personal issues; or concerns relating to clients' family financial planning and independence. To some, these concepts are confounding. At Wescott, they're the language of our success.

Our Trusted Professionals

Our team is made up of wealth management advisors who are as passionate as they are skilled.

Our accredited wealth management advisors are known as industry leaders who create solutions, crave challenges and are constantly improving their knowledge of the industry and our clients. And with a desire to provide each client with expert financial guidance and peace of mind, Wescott is unlike most private wealth management firms. Get to know us

Portfolio Management tailor-made for you.

Your situation is unique. Your financial game plan should be as well.

That's why our approach to portfolio management takes to heart your unique situation and goals—while also incorporating a methodical and opportunistic investment strategy.

We believe that portfolio management is part science, part art form—and all about the client-advisor relationship. We know that clients in search of a financial partner seek both market expertise and guidance with an eye on the future. We deliver both. We provide customized portfolio design to address liquidity needs, manage distribution requirements and monitor allocation and rebalancing. We provide each client detailed analysis and comprehensive performance reporting.

Managers are selected based on their ability to deliver results.

What do we look for in a portfolio manager?

Someone who outperforms and consistently delivers returns over long periods and through various market cycles. We look for managers who employ asset allocation and financial strategies to manage various risk exposures in order to protect and grow our clients' wealth.

Our wealth managers must also not be fearful of changes made to the portfolio. A strategic investment policy is crafted for each client and put in a form that allows Wescott and the client to measure its performance quarterly. As trends change, positive or negative, client- or market-driven, we maintain a discipline to guide the portfolio to the strategy.

Sometimes that requires a change to the allocation, sometimes the paring back of areas that have done extremely well in comparison to another part of the portfolio. This "rebalancing" discipline of the portfolio actually forces the partial sale of appreciating securities and the purchase of "low" or underperforming ones. It is a fascinating and, when you think about it, a remarkably easy strategy to follow. Of course, the human nature in the investment markets is not as disciplined as winning in investing requires. That is where our disciplined approach is the most valuable.

Furthermore, our investment approach, which we've very successfully followed, is not tied to any "proprietary" investment in which we have an ownership stake. Rather, we choose managers for each specialty area of the market. This provides an opportunity for true experts in each respective area.

Active and passive management

We take an active and passive approach to create a more durable, dynamic and opportunistic portfolio.

We couple the active management of managers selecting stocks with a passive approach. This unique blending of active and passive management allows us to control risk and consistently out-perform benchmarks. It’s very unusual in portfolio management, but we’ve found some areas of the market are best left to capturing a "market effect" where a section of individual securities is more costly with a less certain outcome.

Those we work with are some of the market's top independent and proven portfolio managers. They're independent, because their unbiased opinions are unique from—but in concert with—those of Wescott. They're proven, through years of market-leading results and trusted advice. In fact, the architect behind the renowned passive approach we have incorporated into our portfolios for over 15 years was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics in 2013.

A shared commitment

Together, this shared commitment between Wescott and our hand-picked managers, along with portfolio diversification can deliver success across all market cycles.


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