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Secure Your Future

We use our multi-faceted expertise to help protect and grow endowments, pension funds and retirement funds.


We help you invest wisely so you can enjoy significant and safe earnings.

Committed to every market in which we work, our personal and corporate civic altruism bolsters our knowledge of philanthropic pursuits. Since our founding in 1987, our understanding of institutional charitable and philanthropic clients' unique needs has guided our professional services and personal outreach.

We know a foundation's endowment must grow to protect the organization's mission. We're aware of the importance charities place on their investments—and the markets those monies serve. We know this because of our rich history of working with foundations, endowments and other non-profit organizations.

We help our non-profit clients plan and invest for a better tomorrow by asking the right questions and caring today.

Our experience with institutional investments spans organizations of all sizes—and their shared need to perform, even in challenging economies.

Foundations we have advised over the years…

  • Enjoy a far more organized and thoughtful approach
  • Have achieved desired diversification
  • And can now focus on new charitable endeavors they have the capability of funding.


With endowments, our history as both advisors to endowments, as well as our principals' experience in serving as officers and directors of endowments, provides familiarity with your unique investment and reporting requirements. With boards and trustees alike, we’re familiar with and empathetic to your needs.

Wescott and the Community

We ourselves are very involved in the non-profit community and are civic and foundation leaders, knowledgeable about organizations’ programmatic and financial concerns. You can read more about Wescott team members’ involvement with organizations where we live and work by visiting our Wescott in the Community page.

Pension Funds and 401(k)s

Wescott's proven experience in pension fund and 401(k) planning touches every facet of the investment—from individual products to entire portfolios to over-arching strategy.

Our pension and investment clients are concerned for the well-being and growth of their employees' retirement resources. This sense of responsibility, together with the trustees' own legal liability, is what drives our process.

Our approach

We are rational, focused and provide excellence in administration, education and investment options and performance.

At Wescott, we…

  • Work with custodians to develop holistic, thoughtful investment portfolio models and investment options
  • Provide options that include guidance to participants with respect to their individual financial objectives and risk profiles
  • Can provide annual workshops to educate participants about investing, options and model choices, including annual performance calculations for each model for participants' review and comparison with other models


With all our pension and 401(k) clients, we provide customized quarterly Investment Commentary empowering participants to review manager performance and any model changes.

Strategic Alliances

You deserve a financial advisor with experience, empathy and a commitment to work together.

We know what our clients expect. That's why we offer the executive experience of an institutional investment organization and the entrepreneurial spirit of a boutique firm. We draw on both to provide our clients with unparalleled capabilities, competence, qualifications and caring. But sometimes, that's not enough.

That's why Wescott has spent nearly three decades building bridges and forming deep relationships with some of the top minds in the financial and professional services marketplaces.

Our strategic alliances are as robust as the market demands. Financial managers, forensic accountants and legal counsel of all kinds have been called on to serve the unique needs of our clients. We also take advantage of the resources of our relationships with thoroughly vetted, highly proven partners to deliver an even more robust service set to our clients.

In turn, whether serving as a sub-advisor to other institutions or organizations, or providing investment research and portfolio management, this collaborative approach ensures that you receive the best financial and investment advisory services available anywhere.


We’re an extension of our clients' existing advisory model, bringing a new perspective and a partner-centric approach backed by market-proven experience. Wescott Sub-Advisory Services are collaborative, knowledgeable and responsive.

In a competitive marketplace that demands unfaltering third-party relationships, client institutions and fund sponsors have found in Wescott Sub-Advisory Services sophisticated, well-diversified and managed portfolios with proven performance histories, supported by disciplined and client-sensitive risk management. Our services also include customer and prospect meeting analysis; and we support client relationships with written material, meeting support and presentations for client conferences and seminars.

We are a trusted ally and an integral part of many investment teams.

Investment Research

Time has proven that an investment advisory firm is only as successful as its market research is thorough and its portfolio management is disciplined.

Clients depend on this—they're banking their future on our ability to manage their investments and respond deftly to market changes.

Clients and the market have come to discover that our success has been built on strategic portfolio management backed by exhaustive market research and years of insights rooted in academic and economic foundations. Our Investment Research Group is tenacious. It studies investment and market research, monitors ongoing trends and conditions, and watches closely domestic and international news potentially affecting client investment portfolios.

Clients come to find our team is among the strongest in its respective fields.

Our Investment Research Group is considered a thought leader in the industry that offers proven original research and due diligence. Our investment advisory services include customized strategic asset allocation with a disciplined approach; ongoing investment manager selection, monitoring and performance measurement; and performance and transaction analysis.

We take full advantage of our access to managers not available to retail investors. Our team performs due diligence on investment managers and investment vehicles currently approved or anticipated for use in our clients' portfolios—and continually screens, monitors and reports on Wescott-approved managers and manager candidates.

Our investment advisory services do not sell or promote any investment or insurance product.

None of the managers are in Wescott's direct employ. This allows us to objectively and quickly make changes necessary to protect the investment vehicle.

Autonomous and independent, the Investment Research Group delivers objective materials vital to our clients. Our Group generates investment and market research, perspectives and outlook materials that include our quarterly Investment Commentary, Annual Performance Attribution Analysis Study, Annual Manager Research Report and white papers on various strategic investment topics.

Over the years, our clients have found our recommendations both comforting and beyond reproach.

Investment Portfolio Management

For more than 25 years, our uniquely disciplined philosophy has provided a tax-sensitive and opportunistic “open architecture, multi-manager” approach.

This passive and active management style empowers us to control risk while creating portfolios with a combination of complementary styles, diversifications and enhanced returns.

We seek to maintain our long history of above-market returns by continuously monitoring our outside managers who focus on low costs and tax efficiency.

Institutional managers' required account minimums direct investments through individual separate accounts, partnership interests or institutional class funds. Our approach has allowed us to control risk (that may include transparent manager hedging strategies) while creating investment portfolios with a combination of complementary styles, diversification and enhanced returns.

This tactic is unique to the industry and provides you with an exceptionally efficient method to capture pure market returns. Asset allocation and tax-efficient financial strategies help manage various risk exposures—and protect and grow your wealth.

High-end, cost effective, risk-adjusted and reliable, our investment research-driven asset allocation policy, manager selection and rebalancing provide our client portfolios with consistent and documented short- and long-term results.


Sent periodically, our communications include articles, white papers, alerts and other items of interest that keep you informed.

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