Who We Work With

Wealth advice that fits your life.

Wescott has been advising high-net-worth individuals and families for over three decades, and the one thing that remains the same is that every client’s challenges and dynamics are different.

That’s why we work with every individual and every family to develop a strategic plan for their wealth. One specific to their needs, one that can evolve with them, one that can stand the test of time and stand up against market volatility.

Your plan is created and carried out by your own Wescott team of experts—a team that considers both the personal and financial aspects of your life through our unique Life-Minded Wealth® approach. It’s an approach that feels better, it’s an approach that delivers more, it’s an approach that fits your life.

Our Expertise

Foundations and Endowments

We have a rich history of working with foundations, endowments and other non-profit organizations. Our personal and corporate civic altruism is evident in every market we serve. This commitment bolsters our knowledge of philanthropic pursuits and informs our strategies. We know a foundation’s endowment must grow to protect the organization’s mission, and we tap into our team’s deep expertise to help non-profit clients plan and invest for a better tomorrow. Our experience with institutional investments spans organizations of all sizes—and their shared need to perform, even in challenging economies.

Foundations we have advised over the years have:

  • Enjoyed a far more organized and thoughtful approach to the management of the foundation/endowment
  • Accomplished desired diversification of the investment portfolio, which reduces volatility and achieves long-term growth objectives
  • Achieved confidence that their fiduciary responsibilities are being met
  • Reduced their underlying administrative expense of running the foundation/endowment
  • Realized increased contributions from their donors

Our history as advisors to endowments, as well as our principals’ experience in serving as officers and directors of endowments, have provided our team with the expertise needed to navigate their unique investment and reporting requirements. We understand and cater to the unique needs of boards and trustees alike.

We ourselves are very involved in the non-profit community and are civic and foundation leaders, knowledgeable about organizations’ programmatic and financial concerns. You can read more about Wescott team members’ involvement with organizations where we live and work by visiting our Wescott in the Community page.

Pensions and 401(k)s

Wescott’s experience in pension fund and 401(k) planning touches every facet of the investment—from the overarching strategy to individual products.

Our clients are concerned for the well-being and growth of their employees’ retirement resources. This sense of responsibility, together with the trustees’ own legal liability, is what drives our process. We provide excellence in administration, education and investment options and performance.

At Wescott, we:

Case Studies

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