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What We Do

Process & Structure

What we do and how we do it, moving forward for our clients.

Wescott unites industry-leading financial planning and investment management with an uncommon, client-driven approach.

Whether you’re a retiree seeking advice on wealth preservation and estate financial planning, a business owner looking to protect and grow what you currently have, or you need family financial planning, Wescott promises creative solutions for a wide range of complex and highly sensitive circumstances.

At Wescott, building relationships is just as important as building a financial plan.

Understanding your situation, your financial objectives and life goals helps us to secure your future.

Getting started

Well before you sign an engagement letter, you and your financial advisor begin to build a relationship. At this point, the strategy is further refined into your Investment Policy Statement and Implementation Plan. New accounts are established and your investment portfolio is implemented.

We partner with you every step of the way.

Once you’re paired with a Wescott advisor, we become your ally and confidant. Together, we develop a relationship borne of a singular, shared mission of achieving your goals.

As partners, we:

  • Collaborate (with one another, other Wescott specialists and network resources)
  • Analyze financial positions
  • Review income
  • Track strategic investments
  • Plot a path of security


Wescott provides unmatched expertise and care from beginning to end.

Your Quarterly Wealth Management Program Report

At every step, Wescott's award-winning Investment Research Group analyzes the client's position as per market conditions. Using sophisticated reporting technology, we prepare a Quarterly Wealth Management Program Report that provides performance information, accounts for every transaction and asset, and "reconciles" the portfolio according to the strategy for each account.

Clients are notified via email that their report is available in our secure online document storage area. All confidential transmissions and data remain protected at every point. Clients then can access confidential information housed in MyWescottVault on our website at any time, using secure log-in information.

While prepared in simple, easy-to-understand language, we encourage our clients to call or meet with their advisor to discuss any questions or concerns they may have.

Unmatched expertise and caring

From engagement, to implementation, to portfolio and market monitoring, at Wescott, we offer unmatched caring and expertise to make your life goals reality.