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We understand that providing sound financial advice requires knowing all the details of a client’s assets and wealth. That is why we offer Wescott OneView™—an integrated approach to providing clients with a complete picture of their financial selves. This service is two-fold: we provide comprehensive reporting and insight on all your investments, as well as oversight and management of other assets such as qualified retirement accounts.

Comprehensive Reporting and Advice – Clients who want to simplify, and make more precise, the process of tracking their assets and accounts can look to Wescott OneView™ for a unified view of their overall portfolio, including Wescott-managed and non-Wescott-managed accounts. This single report shows the asset allocation and performance for each account individually—and ALL the accounts on a consolidated page. This “one view” gives our clients a total view, spots problems and opportunities, and allows our expertise to provide you with wealth management advice based on all available information.

Oversight and Management of Retirement Accounts and other Assets – For many, retirement accounts can represent a significant amount in an investment portfolio. This is often the asset that requires great care and attention, given more limited investment options and compounding additions. Wescott OneView™ offers oversight and management services that assist our clients with asset allocation, investment selection, and ongoing monitoring and rebalancing guidance on qualified retirement accounts (such as 401(k) plans, profit sharing plans and pension plans).

A Smart Way To Manage Your Affairs – By identifying options that will work in a complementary fashion with a client’s other assets and objectives, our advisors provide customized strategies and solutions. Wescott OneView™ consolidates a client’s wealth, providing a client with far more information and perspective. It is Wescott’s mission to help clients achieve their goals.

Disclosure: Market values are as provided by the custodian. Wescott is unable to verify the accuracy of the information reflected on the statements of custodians that have been self-directed by our clients.


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