Client Snapshot

Relationships and connections are at the heart of each Wescott client engagement. A boutique firm with the resources of a large financial advisory organization, Wescott guides clients at every stage of their professional and personal needs. Whether the sale or acquisition of a business, or the need for a proven ally in the professional and financial services industries, Wescott earns each client’s trust.

Situation and Outcome

Wescott is a fully integrated and disciplined wealth specialist with deep and broad centers of influence.  Strong relationships with referral and networking connections in commercial and investment banks, private equity firms, law offices, accounting practices and fellow financial advisory firms help high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and executives achieve their goals.

A sampling of Wescott’s role as facilitator…

  • The owner of a medical enterprise with seven practice groups in three states reached out to Wescott via LinkedIn.  Frustrated with his current bank, the executive met with Wescott, which supplemented his list of prospective banks with one more.  The new addition soon provided a thorough term sheet and letter of—expediency which earned the client’s banking business.  Very pleased with the outcome, the executive moved several million dollars to Wescott for private wealth management.
  • After reading a profile of Wescott in an issue of Worth, the owner of a successful business reached out, hoping to find a new bank that would better serve his accounts receivable needs—or, as happened several years ago, won’t cut off his line of credit for lack of activity, leaving the business to self-fund its needs.  In short order, Wescott had a bank at the table with an offer for a significant line of credit and a Small Business Administration-backed loan to buy a new warehouse facility.  As the Wescott advisor said, “The bank made me look brilliant.”  This and other deals led the executive to move assets to Wescott.
  • An executive introduced to Wescott by a large brokerage house was considering selling his business, yet he wondered whether the timing and circumstances were right.  Wescott studied the client’s business model and soon realized the dominance on his client roster of its largest customer would scare off many potential suitors.  Wescott suggested the business diversify its income stream.  The executive acted on the advice.  Today, he owns a more diverse and profitable business—and moved several million dollars to Wescott for personal wealth management.

Lessons Learned

Whether buying or selling a business, diversifying holdings, or seeking skilled professional service providers, many clients don’t know where or how to start.  Through the years, Wescott has developed a deep network of trusted experts in a variety of fields—and calls on these relationships to help prospective and current clients.